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Equipment for a Day Paddle


Essential Gear

  • A properly fitted PFD -- personal flotation device (life jacket) -- (we will supply or bring your own).

  • Complete change of clothes in a waterproof bag*.

  • One quart water minimum in unbreakable container.

  • Lunch and/or snacks in waterproof container.

  • Secure place for car keys (zipped pocket of clothing, waist pack, etc.).

  • Carabiners** (or “biners” pronounced beaners) – used to attach gear to boat.


Suggested Clothing and Extras

  • CLOTHING – dress in layers according to the weather. Synthetics are the best materials for paddling clothing. You want something that will dry quickly.

  • FOOTWEAR should be sturdy. Wear water shoes/sandals if you have them, or an old pair of sneakers.

  • HAT or VISOR

  • SUNGLASSES (with a keeper to prevent loss)


  • BINOCULARS, CAMERAS! There is much to see and many photos to take.

  • SUNSCREEN (AND USE IT!!). All paddlers get direct sun and reflections off the water.

  • INSECT REPELLENT. Mosquitoes are never a problem, but gnats & midges can be annoying.

  • SEAT CUSHION for extra comfort.


If you are planning to do more than one kayaking trip, a dry bag and some carabiners are a worthwhile and inexpensive investment.

*Waterproof bags are available at all outdoor stores. Called “dry bags” by various manufacturers, a good size would be 10 lbs. They have waterproof seals, are translucent, and have roll-down tops. A small one like this would hold a complete set of clothing plus lunch. We will try to have extras available.

**Carabiners come in assorted colors and sizes and are generally made of aluminum. They are used to attach your dry bag, water bottle, etc. to your boat.

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